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Cync is not just another geolocation app; Cync gives you the freedom to use the app the way you want to.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Cync'ing with your friends

With the friends function you will be able to meet up and ride with others.

Adding friends

Add other riders to your friends list and you will be able to see where they are when you are both logged into the Cync app

When you have arranged a meet up point, you can view where each other’s location using the home map.

Profile Managment

Update your ride so you can cync with services faster!

Profile setup

When setting up your profile you can select the make, year and model of your motorbike.

By doing this you’ll be able to cync with services geared towards your specific bike.

Update your profile today!

Creating Groups

When you ride with friends, you can add all riders into your own group via the app.

Creating Groups

You become the Administrator of the group, which allows you to toggle on/off the group map.

Once you’ve finished the ride simply turn the group map off then all members will no longer be visible on the group map.

Cync Assist™

Once you've updated your profile, Cync Assist™ can quickly connect you with the right services

Cync Assist™

Next time you’re in need of a new set of wheels, a tow or mechanic, tap on the Cync Assist™ icon, select the category you require then instantly get in touch with quality assistance.


Keep track of your friends when riding with Cync's geolocation tracking.

Geolocation tracking in real time

Cync uses geolocation tracking in real time to keep you and your friends on the map.

This function can help if you take a wrong turn or are waiting for a friend to catch up to you.

Push Notifications

Chat to your friends while using Cync. Notifications will be visible to them so they can reply.

Instant chat functionality

While in the cync home map you can tap on your friend’s pindrop to start a chat. This will allow instant one to one messaging. If your friend is not available, a notification will be visible to them so they can reply later.

Cync’ing passion with community

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Beautiful User Interface

screenshot_20161010-204000Cync’s menu slides out from the left hand side of your screen. With easy to characterise menu icons, navigating around the app is quick and clear.

  • Home Map – Here you can locate yourself and friends

  • My Profile – The spot to update your ride and profile picture

  • Friends List – Add and view your friends

  • My Groups – Here is where you can create, or be apart of a group

  • Notifications – View messages and notifications

  • Cync Assist – This function allows you to view and select the right type of assistance.

  • Change Password – For those who login via email

  • Settings – Turn on/off notifications

  • Logout – Select this when you want to stop using the app

Cync Assist Companies

Here are some of the top quality companies you can find on the app.


cync-website-e1402402152833Melbournite Phil Mackrell was looking to combine his passion for art and visual design with the family tradition of all things motorised. The rebel in him headed straight to motorcycles, ah the bliss…. From these humbling beginnings, the idea of Cync® was born.

Following many late nights, one design stood out from the rest.  It was built on the foundation of the need for Cynchronisation. In a world where envelopes are becoming artefacts and social media is the new coffee shop.  Authentic connection and getting in Cync® is where it’s at! Cync® ventures boldly forward with many innovative ideas, backed up with solid commitment and drive and it is time to get on board.

Cync® stands proudly as the emblem for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. It does not discriminate, it does not incriminate, and it is quite simply for those that just love the ride

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