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Cync is an app that riders can use to track and share their rides. One of the many cool features this simple yet effective app provides The Rider with core operations to achieve the most out of their ride.

A simple safe app built for the rider in you. We know you don’t want to use your phone while riding, that’s why we’ve designed the app to work for you while it’s in your pocket.

Track you rides with one touch of a button, while in your map screen press the record button at the bottom of the screen and away you go.
Saving your rides is easy and you can view them anytime from the same screen.

A place for you to post pictures and videos of your pride and joy. You can like and comment on other posts too! Think of the News Feed as a place to go when your sitting on your couch and you want to see stuff about bikes..

Adding friends to your group means no one needs to worry about getting lost ever again.